Renate Zrikat-Gasselich, akad. gepr. PR-Beraterin
3571 Gars am Kamp, Zitternberg 102
T: +43 (0)699 104 39 161

Line of business:
Trade licences in accordance with § 340 Par. 1 of the Industrial Code 1994 for public relations and advertising agencies
Reg.No.: GISA 34463444

Chamber membership: 
Relevant authorities in accordance with the ECG:
Federal State Authority - Niederösterreich/Horn

Chamber membership:
Austrian Economic Chamber
Department Advertising & Market Communication
Regional Chambers Niederösterreich

CDC Nouri, Kinzl OG, 1090 Wien

scalar, D-84347 Pfarrkirchen

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Editorial policy:
The website contains general information on the range of services, philosophy and references of the agency Solutions in PR.